Aviation Products


Datatoys is the leader in airborne video, providing cockpit cameras and on-board video solutions for every aviation application:

  • Rotorcraft – Flight Tours, Airborne Law Enforcement, Geospatial Utility
  • Aerobatics, Flight Training, Flight Testing
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Military Products


Datatoys High Definition Video Systems, including HD DVR recorders and high definition HD cameras, are specifically designed to help withstand harsh environments found in today’s operational theaters.  Datatoys rugged Video Systems are used around the world by US and Allied Armed Forces

  • Vehicle Mounted Surveillance
  • Flight Training
  • Intelligence
  • Manned Aircraft & UAVs
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Action & Film Products

Action & Film

Video recorders for professional motorsports and mobile recording for production film .  If you have a unique application, there is a good chance we have the system for you.

  • Motorsport and Action Sports
  • Underwater, Helmet, Broadcast/Film
  • Custom or Specialty Applications
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Industry & Agriculture Products

Industrial Applications

Test Equipment, Monitor performance, and increase productivity using Datatoys rugged systems.

  • Vehicle or Machine Mounted
  • Remote Monitoring Systems
  • Worksite Monitoring
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Law Enforcement Products

Law Enforcement and Tactical

Systems can be custom built to solve nearly every Tactical and Aerial Law Enforcement applications:

  • Rapid Deployment/Covert/Body Worn Systems
  • Intelligence Support Systems
  • Fire, EMS and Special Operations
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OEM & Custom Products

OEM & Custom

Datatoys OEM digital video platforms are designed for customization.  Ideal for low and medium volume OEM’s.

  • Board-Level
  • White Label
  • Custom
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