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Welcome to Datatoys!

Datatoys Video Systems™ are designed for and are found in a variety of industries and applications, such Aerial Helicopter Tours, Geospatial, First Responder, Airborne Firefighting, Airborne Tactical, Military Mission Recording and Mission Debriefing, Geospatially-enabled Pipe line and Power line Inspection, Tank and Boat Inspection, Airborne Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Flight Schools, Military Flight Training, General Aviation, and Marine Applications.

Datatoys™ high definition rugged Video Systems and Products such as the HD 3gsdi and hdsdi 1080p AirKnight™ HD™ Video Recorders, HD Bullet Cameras and MultiView™ HD™ high definition video processors and quads are built from the ground up to operate in harsh environments, no matter the use.

Easy to Use

Best of all, Datatoys Video Systems are Compact, Rugged, operate in Harsh Environments, and are incredibly EASY TO USE and easy to install.