Products Overview V2

Welcome to Bad Wolf Technologies™

Datatoys Video Systems™ by Bad Wolf Technologies are designed for and are found in a variety of industries and applications, such Helicopter Flight Tours, Geospatial, SAR (Search and Rescue), First Responder, Airborne Firefighting, Airborne Tactical, Military Mission Recording and Mission Debriefing, Geospatial-enabled Pipe line and Power line Inspection, Tank and Boat Inspection, Airborne Law Enforcement, Flight Schools, Military Flight Training, General Aviation, and Marine Applications.

Datatoys™ high definition rugged Video Systems and Products such as the HD 3GSDI and HDSDI 1080p AirKnight™ HD™ Video Recorders, HD Bullet Cameras and MultiView™ HD™ high definition video processors and quads are built from the ground up to operate in harsh environments, no matter the use. Our Nano DVR™ OEM board is one of the world’s smallest and feature-rich DVR encoders/decoders for UAV, drone and other applications where size and battery life are at a premium.

Easy to Use

Best of all, Datatoys Video Systems are Compact, Rugged, operate in Harsh Environments, and are incredibly EASY TO USE and easy to install.