Flight Tours

Bad Wolf Technologies  offers complete solutions for flight tours. Our flight tour packages are easy to implement and manage. Revenue from flash drives, SD or DVD sales typically recover the cost of the system in just a few weeks or months. With one of the fastest to-Storage Media times on the market, Bad Wolf Technologies is the ideal choice for flight tour video business.

Geospatial & Inspection

Among many other things, Bad Wolf Technologies video systems were designed to handle recording utility, pipe, and power line inspections. With the ability to sync GPS data with on-board video, Bad Wolf video systems recorders and camera increase productivity and reduce overall costs.

Defense & Government

Bad Wolf Technologies rugged military Video recorders are used by the federal defense contractors and friendly governments worldwide.  Our solutions include Mission Recording and Mission Debriefing, Aerial Firefighting, SAR – Search and Rescue, Intelligence & Surveillance, Flight Training, Drones / UAVs, and solutions for Special Missions Aircraft. But we are no longer limited to the sky. As of spring 2018, after passing even more stringent milspec MIL-STD-810G qualification, our milspc  Redhawk HD model BW-RHN-SSD military video recorder has been deployed on the high seas with the US Navy. Go Navy!

First Responders

Flight Video High Definition Recorder for First Response use such as Firefighting, Search and Rescue and Technical Operations. High Definition 1080p60 in a compact, rugged video flight recorder in harsh environments.

General Aviation & Flight Schools

Bad Wolf Technologies is the leader in airborne video, providing cockpit cameras and on-board video recorders for every aviation application:

  • Rotor craft ad Fixed Wing
  • Flight Tours, Airborne Law Enforcement, Geo spatial, Energy Sector, Utility
  • Aerobatics, Flight Training / Flight School, Flight Testing

Marine Applications

Bad Wolf Technologies Marine Video Recorders and Cameras are used in yachts and boats to capture all the breathtaking moments while at sea; in addition to, catching the big Marlin. By using our waterproof HD Mini Bullet cameras, you can mount the cameras on the exterior of the vessel.

Bad Wolf Technologies also supplies its RedHawk HD military video recorder, qualified to mil-std-810G and mil-std-461F, to the United States Navy. Go Navy!


Datatoys OEM digital video platforms are designed for customization. Ideal for low and medium volume OEM’s.

  • Board-Level
  • White Label
  • Custom