HD-SDI Video Recorder for Aviation – AirKnight™ HD

HD-SDI Video Recorder for Aviation. AirKnight™ HD airborne dvr is a rugged in-flight broadcast quality video recording and content delivery system. It records, encodes and streams broadcast grade video in H.264 High, Main and Base Profiles.

What is H.264 and why is it important for aviation applications? H.264 is also known as MPEG-4 Part 10 Advanced Video Coding (MPEG-4 AVC). It is one of the most efficient and widely used compression formats for encoding, recording and streaming applications since around 2014-2015. Since H.264 codec generates smaller file sizes for the higher quality videos compared to its’  predecessor, MPEG-2, this makes the AirKnight HD-SDI Aviation Video Recorder an excellent choice for UAV/Drone streaming applications as well.

When we based our AirKnight system on the H.264 platform, we set out to record, encode and stream broadcast quality video content while adhering to the 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, CVBS & HDMI video standards. And to be able to do so while in flight. We believe we were able to accomplish this task by creating a rugged, reliable and easy to use video recorder suitable for virtually all types of uses, from flight testing to flight tours, to air ambulance and special mission aircraft. And everything in between. Enter the AirKnight™ HD, “the” premium HD-SDI Video Recorder for Aviation. [But just because it was designed for aviation, it does not mean you cannot use it for Naval and land-based applications.]

Broadcast video quality. Record Video and Audio in full high definition.  Full 1080p60 HD 3G-SDI solid state airborne video recorder designed for professional aircraft operations. Record 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, HDMI or CVBS (NTSC & PAL) video. Stream video over the network or the internet and record it to USB 2.0 or USB 3.1 and 3.0 flash media, external storage such as SSD or HDD, or SD media.

  • High Definition 1080p60 solid state airborne video recorder.
  • 3G-SDI (1080p60)
  • HD-SDI (1080p30)
  • HDMI (v 1.4 1080p)
  • CVBS (NTSC & PAL).
  • GPS DATA Recording
  • USER DATA Recording
  • On-screen GPS Data Video Overlay
  • On-screen User Data Video Overlay (via RS-232)
  • Record all audio communications
  • Record to USB Flash drive, external SSD solid state disk, external HDD hard disk drive or built-in SD media.
  • Compatible with the optional  PCM (Power Control Module)  Power Management System and uninterruptible power supply


AirKnight HD-SDI Aircraft Video Recorder is Proudly made in the USA.

Record Audio and Video in full HD!

Single, Dual, and Quad Channel Options

  • AirKnight-HD – Single Channel full HD SDI 1080p60 Digital Video Recorder (BW-AKHD DATASHEET)
  • AirKnight-HD-MIL – hardened Single Channel full HD SDI 1080p60 Digital Video Recorder (DATASHEET) for industrial & defense use
  • AirKnight-HD2 – Dual Channel full HD SDI 1080p60 Digital Video Recorder (BW-AKHD2)
  • AirKnight-HD4S – Single Channel full HD SDI 1080p60 Digital Video Recording with a built in Quad Switcher (BW-AKHD-4S)
  • AirKnight-HD4Sa –  full 1080p60 3G-SDI and HD-SDI airborne video recorder designed for the professional helicopter tour industry

Each version has the option for bottom mounting, side mounting, or Dzus rail mounting.  GPS option is also available with all versions.

Record one channel to a SD card, USB 2.0 or 3.0 media drive, external SSD or HDD devices.  Add up to 4 (four) cameras using the Bad Wolf  Bad Wolf Technologies’ Multiview HD which allows you to input four cameras and record them in a quad view. Also compatible with the Bad Wolf Technologies’ DoubleVision which will allow you to add a second camera.

GPS Overlay and Data Recording

With the GPS option, record and overlay geospatial data including: time/date, coordinates, altitude, heading and speed.  Included with the GPS option is your choice of a Garmin 18x LVC 5Hz, or 1Hz GPS receiver or you can use most standard GPS units through the RS-232 input on the AirKnight.

GPS Data Recording

GPS data will be recorded a KML, GPX and several other formats.  These files can be viewed directly in Google Earth, or software which synchronizes your video and data.  These files also work with most third party Geospatial software applications.

Overlay GPS Data

In addition to a separate data file, you can also overlay GPS data and other text on top of the video.  Using the web user interface, individual data points can be turned on or off and positioned anywhere on the video.  Text size options range from 8pt to 40pt (pixels) in height.  Multiple font and color options are available.


Degrees, Minutes, Seconds

Degrees, Minutes



Knots (KT)

Miles per Hour (MPH)

Kilometers per Hour (KPH)

Altitude (AMSL)

Feet (F)

Meters (M)

Heading (Degrees)

Overlay Custom Text (Character Generator)

A built in high definition character generator allows you to overlay custom text on the video.  Users can enter the text in the web user interface or send real time text information via RS-232.  Up to three independent lines of data can be sent at nearly any baud rate. The text  is simply sent in an ASCII format string of multiple data lines. Each data line is separated by commas whereas entire string is terminated with (Carriage Return & Line Feed).  Font type, size, color and position may be customized in the web interface for each text line.

Record to USB 2.0, USB 3.0, SSD, HDD or SD Mediaproduct_av_udvp_desc_media

Record straight to off-the-shelf USB or SD cards and external USB storage devices.

Record Headset Audio

Video is only part of the experience. Record all headset audio throughout your flight with our Aviation Headset adapter cable or directly connect to your audio panel using open leads. The Aviation Headset cables plug into your audio panel and any general headset on the market.  U174 helicopter headset cables are also available.

High Quality, Small Files

The AirKnight HD recorders use the same AVC/H.264 High Profile compression as BluRay.  Our AirKnight-HD recorders offer the highest HD 1080p60/30 quality with maximum efficiency. This allows you to have files sizes that are easy to store, edit, playback, and upload. Universal file containers allow for easy editing and playback on a PC or Mac.

By keeping the data rate between 8Mb/s and 16Mb/s, quality to file size ratio is maximized, meaning its the highest quality, yet easy to use.

Sync Time and Overlay

Synchronize system time to an NTP server or use GPS time to overlay on the video.

Record Stop/Start Switch

Trim down your post flight editing time by starting and stopping recordings with an external record switch. Mount the record Start/Stop Switch in the cockpit, allowing you to mount the recorder in the cargo bay.  An LED indicator on the record start/stop switch, lights up to indicate there is power to the unit and will flash, indicating recording.

A record LED is also built into the front of the unit allowing you to mount the recorder in the cockpit and use the record switch on the front panel.

Network User Interface

Access more advanced settings via the network user interface.

.AVI or .MP4 file format


.H264 AVC and MJPEG Compression

Baseline, Main or High Profile Compression

Bit Rates

GOP Size

Video Down-scaling

Pre and Post Alarm

Custom File Size

Video Motion Detection

Live Streaming

Custom Text Overlay

Audio Gain Level

Overwrite When Full (Yes/No)


Connect (1) HD-SDI or (1) HDMI* or (1) NTSC/PAL video source directly into the AirKnight HD base recorder.  All standard resolutions up to 1080p60 are supported.  The AirKnight HD recorders use BNC HD-SDI connectors, making it simple to connect and HD-SDI camera.

*HDMI will not recognize protected content

Aviation Grade Heavy Duty Tefzel Cabling

Aviation grade jacket rated to FAR 25 standards provides maximum protection and performance.

Military Grade Connectors option

Connect your cameras with rugged and weather-proof industrial grade connectors. Mil-spec connectors for power also available (BW-AKHD-MIL).


Connect straight to your Garmin G500 or G1000 display, or use one of our HDSDI monitors


Our “no hassle” two year warranty covers your AirKnight front to back.  At Bad Wolf Technologies, we take pride in our customer support. Just call us at (414) 639-9085 or email: sales@badwolftech 24×7!