DR.I™ Rugged Military DVR for Video, Audio and embedded Data recording

tough, rugged and feature rich two (2) channel Milspec airborne DVR.

Record HDSDI high definition and RS170 / CVBS analog standard definition video at the same time.

Bad Wolf Technologies Airborne solid-state HD-SDI High-Definition DR.I™ military dual channel video recorder is built to tough and rugged military MILSPEC standards.

This recorder is qualified to MIL-STD-464C, MIL-STD-461F & MIL-STD-810G change 1 for aviation (under-wing mounted in Navy pod) and marine / naval deployment. Yet DR.I™ is a completely commercial off the shelf (COTS) not ITAR regulated video recorder, and as such, it eliminates the need for the overseas buyers to “jump through hoops” when exporting it from US.

Highly configurable.

DR.I records High-Definition Video, Audio and embedded data from HD-SDI input source. If required, it will also simultaneously record RS170, NTSC and PAL standard definition video and audio signal(s). This DVR records equally well from the industry-standard CCTV cameras, multi-sensor thermal gimbal cameras, mission computers, radar screens, and a variety of other video and audio sources.

Military Aviation Pedigree.

DR.I™ was designed for military aviation and defense use, and it will work equally well for Coast Guard, aerial law enforcement, aerial firefighting, patrol boats, homeland security and navy / marine applications. Use the DR.I™ wherever and whenever failure is not an option. Be it extreme cold, heat, vibration, shock, EMI, EMC, RF or whatever else life throws at it, DR.I™ military HD-SDI / RS170 video recorder has your back. Failure is not an option with this rugged tactical video recorder!

FLIR compatible.

FLIR (forward looking infrared), FLIRSW, FLIRMW and FLIRLW compatible.

Video/Audio Information (abridged).

Codec: MPEG-4 Part 10 Advanced Video Coding (H.264)
Resolution: NTSC/PAL, 1080p30/p25, 1080i60, 1080p30, 720p60, 720i60, 720p30/p25
Compression: CBR and VBR
Video Bitrate: up to 23 Mbps CBR, VBR
File Format: Transport Stream (.ts) – for fault tolerance
Audio Codec: G711, G726, mp2, mp3 or opus
Sample Rate: 8000/41000/48000, 8 bits or 16 bits per sample

Video Input Channel #1 – SMPTE 259M PAL/NTSC

1 x CVBS (RS170/RS170A(NTSC)/PAL) via Micro Coaxial MIL-DTL-D38999 (6 pin) connector
* OR *
1 x Signal & Ground pins accessible via rear-mounted MIL-DTL-38999 for non-coaxial custom cabling options (twisted pair, twinax, etc.).

Video Input Channel #2 – SMPTE 292M 1080i60/1080p30/720p

1 x HDSDI, via Micro Coaxial MIL-DTL-D38999 (6 pin) connector
* OR *
1 x CVBS (RS170/RS170A(NTSC)/PAL) via Micro Coaxial MIL-DTL-D38999 (6 pin) connector

Video Out

1 x Analog Video Out, switchable between both video channels. When using high-definition HDSDI video input, SDI/HDSDI output is scaled to fit the monitor.

Video out format is NTSC 720x480i and PAL 720x576i and is accessible via Micro Coaxial 38999 (6 pin) connector.

Streaming, low latency

TS, RTP or RTSP unicast and multicast.
Stream and/or Record single or multiple video streams to/from other network devices.
100ms low-latency player available upon request.

Filesystem support

file system: FAT, FAT32, exFAT, EXT3 and EXT4

Debriefing Video Playback Station support

Windows, Linux and MAC file systems – transfer data directly to the debriefing station of your choice with no need to copy video recording files from the DR.I locking military SSD to an intermediate Windows PC for viewing videos. View videos on the native system OS.

Storage support

Recording media, configurable – detachable hot-swap locking (to the recorder) military solid state storage, with same qualifications as the recorder.
Built-in SD secure digital media with access via Ethernet or USB OTG (instead of engineering use)

Status LED (4×2), NVIS Bi-Color

NVIS (night vision compatible)
2-in-1 indicator LEDs, Top/Bottom: Green/Green, Yellow/Yellow, Yellow/Yellow, and Blue/Blue.
Embedded in stainless steel protective housing.
Custom-developed for Bad Wolf Technology by one of the leading manufacturers of aviation lighting components and accessories.


Environmental: MIL-STDF-810G CH1 – twin engine fighter jet
EMI/RFI: MIL-STD-461F, MIL-STD-464C – twin engine fighter jet.

Power Supply, MILSPEC

Input: +9.5 VDC to +50 VDC
Draw: 10 Watts within operational temperature range
Output: Power peripherals or 3rd party devices:
+5 VDC @ 2A, isolated
+12 VDC @ 2A [optional], isolated

Operating temperature range.

-40°C to +85°C operating temperature range.
-55°C low temp option available with the Parabellum™ package.