AirBoss – Professional

A rugged airborne recorder designed specifically for professional aircraft operations. Ideal for Flight Testing & Training, Geospatial, Utilities & Pipeline Inspection and Law Enforcement.

  • Dual Channel Recording
  • Record to multiple USB and/or SD storage devices
  • LCD Touch screen for playback and set up
  • Record video and playback at the same time
  • GPS
  • Text Overlay
  • Flight Path integrated with Google Earth
  • Video Streaming
  • WiFi
  • 10BaseT Ethernet
  • Small footprint

Record Video & Audio

Record to Multiple Cameras

Get all the great views from your experience!  Record two channels as separate video files and go up to 4 cameras with our Multi-View Picture-in-Picture Processor.  Use your already installed cameras or our high resolution E600 cameras to record!


Record to USB and/or SD Cards

“The old way of burning DVDs worked but can be time consuming.”  Pop out the USB flash drive at the end of a flight and hand it to your customer.  Overlay your company logo on the video as well as screen print your logo on the USB flash drive itself! Do not miss out on money because customers cannot wait for DVD’s!

Compression and Bitrate

Want the latest and greatest!  AVC/H.264 compression is designed for high-definition video and offers the highest quality and maximum efficiency.  Universal file containers allow for easy editing and playback on a PC or Mac.  16 mbps combined with advanced compression offers video quality up to five times the quality of a DVD, even in standard definition.

Record Data & Overlay

Record GPS and Accelerometer Data Points

Track your path with advanced UDVP modules.  Built-in SiRF III WAAS enabled GPS and built-in +/- 16G, high resolution, three axis accelerometer for accurate location and multiple mounting orientations.


Overlay – Text & Graphics

Overlay important information from GPS and Accelerometer onto the video as text or advanced graphics.

  • Multiple Data Points – Speed, Altitude, Location, Heading, Rate of Climb, and G-Load.
  • Multiple Themes – Text, Heads up Display (HUD), Gauges, and Navigation.
  • Simulated Gauges – Airspeed, Altimeter, Compass, Heading, Turn Coordinator, Horizon Indicator, Vertical Speed, and Engine Monitors.


Touch Screen

Functionality of the UDVP is at your fingertips.  A 3.5” Sharp LCD and on screen display allows you to access menus to change settings, playback video while recording, and initiate streaming.  View one or two channels in real time!


Record Start/Stop Switch

Slim down your editing by starting and stopping the recording by the flip of a switch.  Mount our Start/Stop Switch and when the LED Indicator lights up you know there is power to the unit.  When flipped the LED Indicator will flash telling you it is recording.  It is as simple as that!


UDVP Control – RS232

Access the robust UDVP API through RS232 for complete DVR control.

  • Call record, playback, and setting change functions.
  • Access and control file name structure.
  • Access and control real time on screen text display.

Camera Control – RS485

Control movement and settings on compatible RS485 cameras through the UDVP via the network or touch interface.

  • Control Pan, Tilt, Zoom via Pelco-D
  • Adjust Camera Settings
  • Works with Datatoys Bullet Cameras


Sony CCD E600 Line Bullet Camera

  • Image Stabilization – Built-in electronic image stabilization provides a crisp stable image in the most vibration intense environments.
  • Propeller-Filtering Technology – Get rid of that annoying zebra effect seen in videos by your prop. Users can select pre-defined “Prop Profiles” which are configured specifically to eliminate prop-freeze.


Aviation Grade Tefzel Cable                                            

Run your cameras to their desired locations with our Aviation Grade Tefzel Cable.  We can customize lengths to match your aircraft!


Military Grade Connectors

Connect your cameras with rugged and weatherproof Military Grade 6-Pin connectors.  Twist to lock and don’t ever think about connection issues!

Protection for your UDVP

Great Warranty with Excellent Support.

Are you fed up with paying extra for a “trusted” warranty?  The UDVP includes an unheard of 3 year warranty that covers your unit front to back.  Are you sick of  calling in to an automated support system?  At Datatoys we take pride in our customer support.  Use our online Live Chat, email or call in and talk to a human being every time!